“Steve impressed our selection panel representing all parties, including our shareholders with a simple, clean and well thought through proposal that maintained the subtleties associated with each brand whilst presenting it with a modern, consolidated feel that portrays a Group through its Brands rather than its disparate entities.

An important contribution to this was to develop 6 main brands plus the group logo where all would be instantly recognised and associated with each other. Steve managed this, not only to the approval of the Steering Group, but also to the individual brand owners spread over a wide geographic and cultural range - no mean feat given the insular perspective that had prevailed!

The completion of the task set Steve was for him to produce a complete set of Corporate Brand Guidelines in electronic form so that 30 plus operating units throughout the world would have consistent promotional material, produced locally but always adhering to our corporate image. The huge scope this set of guidelines covers has required very few cries for clarity and assistance - underlining how complete and professional they are.

In my years of dealing with creative individuals from many agencies, I have rarely come across someone like Steve who listens and questions carefully before producing material first-time that has minimal iteration before satisfying our brief. I am not the only one who has felt that Steve is an inspiration that works within a client’s aspirations and practical budget restraints to combine real value added thought and creative output.”

Paul Wenden
Fläkt Woods